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                              Limei Cosmetics Co., Ltd.|利美化妝品【官網】

                              • Lipgloss


                                New Voluptuous and full color lipglo..

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                              • Mascara


                                The latest lashblastvolume waterproo..

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                              • Lipstick


                                Moisturizing long-lasting lipstick d..

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                              • Eyeliner


                                Eyeliner brush, durable, easy to pai..

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                              • Eyeshadow&Face


                                Comes in a variety of colors from vi..

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                              • Foundation concealer

                                Foundation concealer

                                Velvety,shimmery,remarkable coverage

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                              With 23 years'experience in manufacturing cosmetics. LIMEI hai exported the products to more than 100 countries

                              Lipstick,Lip gloss,Lip balm,Eyeshadow,Eyeliner,Mascara,make up pencil,Blisher,Compact Powder,Foundation,Concealer,Make up set

                              Our Customers

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